Electric or telephone wires are the most irritating things in the city landscape pictures. Narrow black strips across the sky or ancient building can easily ruin all effect of a beautifull shot. And cleaning the photo from them normally requires patience and skills. So we’ve decided to make a tool that will make this task as easy as possible. It is called Instant Wire Cleaner.

The main features of this product are:

1. Powerful wire detector. You can see the result on the screenshot below – most of the wires are automatically highlighted with red.

2. Easy selection tool – specially designed to select dark linear objects like wires with few clicks.

3. One click cleanup – after the wires selected you just press the “Process” button and the wires are intelligently replaced with ¬†adjacent pixels, preserving the background texture.

There are several advanced parameters to make the results better and unlimited Undo stack to make sure you can always return to previous state if you do something wrong.

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