InstantPhotoSketch Pro 2.1 for PC and Mac

January 22, 2012Comments Off on InstantPhotoSketch Pro 2.1 for PC and Mac

We are happy to announce an update for InstantPhotoSketch Pro – a tool that converts a digital photo into a sketch or drawing. There are many improvements, as long as stability, performance and effect quality fixes. Here is the change log:

Pen sketch
  • Improved effect quality and speed
  • You can select foreground(pen) and background(paper) color.

Color pen sketchColor pen sketch

Pencil Sketch
  • New more natural hatching texture

Pencil sketchPencil sketch

  • Better color selection
  • Faster

Poster effectPoster effect

Other improvements
  • Drag and Drop support for opening files on Mac and Windows
  • Number of smaller bug fixes and speed optimizations

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