InstantMask Pro 2.0 is ready!

January 4, 2010Comments Off on InstantMask Pro 2.0 is ready!

Today we are announcing a new version of our advanced background removing program – InstantMask Pro 2.0. It let’s you easily remove background from a photo even when the background is non-uniform like forest, city or nature. You can also insert a new background of your choice(color, transparent, transparent color, picture) and make a collage.
Here is the list of new features of version 2.0:
1. Edge smoothing. After background is automatically removed, edges could look hard. To avoid that a special optional edge smoothing filter is used.
2. Soft brushes. Sometimes you need to post-edit your photo after the program does its work. To make this process more pleasant we introduced soft round brashes for removing foreground or background locally. You can configure the brush size and softness in the Options menu.
3. Faster work for Hand tool and background scaling – they are now perfectly fast and responsive even on largest images and usual computers.

Download InstantMask Pro 2.0 here and
Buy it here!

The previous version 1.1 is still available at a lower price for some limited time.