how to remove a background from photo

March 20, 2012Comments Off on how to remove a background from photo

This tutorial shows how you can remove a background from photo. Here are the steps:
1. Open the photo in InstantMask Pro

2. Mark some parts of the foreground and background using green and red marker.
InstantMask Pro default view

3.Press the “Mask” button. Foreground is highlighted with green and background is grayed out.
InstantMask Pro - masking the image.

4. Press the “Preview” button. You’ll see the background changed to white(default).
InstantMask Pro - changed image background to white

5. Now you can choose the background type. It can be any color, including transparent ones, or picture. To do that, press “Select background”. This will run a dialog that lets you choosing the desired background.
Choosing the desired image background

Here are the examples of different background types:
a) transparent
Changing image background to transparent.
b) solid color
Changing image background to solid color.
c) another picture
Changing image background to another picture.

If you use another picture as a background, you can use background scaling buttons and Hand tool to achieve right relative scale and position of two pictures.

6. Save the file as JPG or PNG using the “Export” button

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