What are the system requirements?

You need a computer running MS Windows XP/Vista/7, 32 or 64-bit versions. Other Windows version should work as well.
Mac OS X products work on Intel Mac 10.4+.

Can I register and use your products on a computer without Internet? Can I reinstall the product without your assistance?


What is your upgrade policy?

Free upgrades forever.

Can I register the product on multiple computers?

Yes, each license allows you to install the product onto up to 3 computers you own or personally use(for example home desctop, laptop, office computer).

Why would I buy the Pro version of InstantMask if there is a free one?

Pro version is much more convenient and powerful. Here are main benefits:

  • You can configure markers width and use eraser tool to get better results.
  • You can use a selection preview mode to get results even faster.
  • You can use edge smoothing so your result looks better.
  • You can fine tune the result with special brushes to make it perfect.
  • You get our support and next versions forever. We constantly improve our product and add new cool features.

You can try the Pro version for free for 14 days and you will notice the difference.

I have a question about your product, suggestion, or want to report a bug. What should I do?

Contact us.

I love the program, but I really can not pay the requested price. Are there any options for me?

Sure, there are some.

  1. Contact us and suggest your price. If you are a student, or come from a poor country, it’s negotiable.
  2. Consider using trialpay. You can buy one of their offers or sometimes even register for a free offer and get our product as a gift. You often save some money this way.