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InstantPhotoSketch goes online!

January 9, 2013Comments Off on InstantPhotoSketch goes online!

You have likely already tried InstantPhotoSketch as a desktop app. It converts a photo to Pen/Pencil/Oil sketch.
Many people asked if these effects are available online, without downloading and installing any software. And now we can answer – yes!
We have just released the first alpha version of InstantPhotoSketch online. Now you can create sketches right from the web page.
Please check it now and tell us what you think.

P.S. The site is very alpha, so some bugs and errors are possible. But it generally works already. Comments/Suggestions/Problems reports are greately welcome.

Featuring Instant CutOut on BitsDuJour

January 8, 2013Comments Off on Featuring Instant CutOut on BitsDuJour

Hello! We’re excited to announce that Clipping Path Studio Software will soon be featuring Instant CutOut on BitsDuJour, a ‘deal-of-the-day’ website that offers fantastic, one-time discounts on a variety of great products. BitsDuJour will be offering Instant CutOut on Thursday 10 January, 2013 at the dramatically reduced price of $11.97. The normal purchase price for Instant CutOut is $19.95!

If you have any friends or family members who might be interested in Instant CutOut please let them know about this sale. We can’t afford to offer this kind of discount often, and it will only be available on BitsDuJour for a single day only. Just tell them to visit on Thursday 10 January, 2013 to get Instant CutOut for $11.97. If you visit right now you can click the ‘Notify Me’ button and you’ll be sure not to miss the deal!

New year sales from CPSSoftware!

December 22, 2012Comments Off on New year sales from CPSSoftware!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! As our gift to you, we offer a special 30% discount for all our products during this holiday season. The coupon code to get a discount is NY2013. If you intended to get some of our software products – this is a best time. The sale will last till January 1, 2013.
Thank you for reading and enjoy the holidays!

InstantCutOut on BitsDuJour at 40% off – 11.97$ only.

August 10, 2012Comments Off on InstantCutOut on BitsDuJour at 40% off – 11.97$ only.

Only on August 11 we promote our software InstantCutOut at one of the most well-known software discount service BitsDoJour
During this 24-hour promotion you can get a license for InstantCutOut with 40% discount – at $11.97 instead of usual $19.95.

Instant CutOut is the program that lets you quickly cut out objects from digital images, and replace backgrounds with simple colors of your own choosing.

The process is extremely easy — just move your mouse along the edge of any object, and Instant CutOut’s smart selection tool automatically detects it! Make a full pass around the object to be removed, and VOILA, your object is selected and you can replace the background!

Here is the deal link again –

how to remove a background from photo

March 20, 2012Comments Off on how to remove a background from photo

This tutorial shows how you can remove a background from photo. Here are the steps:
1. Open the photo in InstantMask Pro

2. Mark some parts of the foreground and background using green and red marker.
InstantMask Pro default view

3.Press the “Mask” button. Foreground is highlighted with green and background is grayed out.
InstantMask Pro - masking the image.

4. Press the “Preview” button. You’ll see the background changed to white(default).
InstantMask Pro - changed image background to white

5. Now you can choose the background type. It can be any color, including transparent ones, or picture. To do that, press “Select background”. This will run a dialog that lets you choosing the desired background.
Choosing the desired image background

Here are the examples of different background types:
a) transparent
Changing image background to transparent.
b) solid color
Changing image background to solid color.
c) another picture
Changing image background to another picture.

If you use another picture as a background, you can use background scaling buttons and Hand tool to achieve right relative scale and position of two pictures.

6. Save the file as JPG or PNG using the “Export” button

Download InstantMask Pro

InstantPhotoSketch for Android

March 14, 2012Comments Off on InstantPhotoSketch for Android

Now you can use InstantPhotoSketch on Android OS based phones or tablets.
InstantPhotoSketch on Android

The program works on all devices running Android 2.2 and above. It is distributed completely free of charge. The tool works similar to the desktop version the same photo to sketch effect is applied.
The app is made specially for Android OS. You can choose a photo from gallery or take it with camera, convert to sketch and save back to gallery, or share using different programs.

Download InstantPhotoSketch from Android market now.


InstantPhotoSketch Pro 2.1 for PC and Mac

January 22, 2012Comments Off on InstantPhotoSketch Pro 2.1 for PC and Mac

We are happy to announce an update for InstantPhotoSketch Pro – a tool that converts a digital photo into a sketch or drawing. There are many improvements, as long as stability, performance and effect quality fixes. Here is the change log:

Pen sketch
  • Improved effect quality and speed
  • You can select foreground(pen) and background(paper) color.

Color pen sketchColor pen sketch

Pencil Sketch
  • New more natural hatching texture

Pencil sketchPencil sketch

  • Better color selection
  • Faster

Poster effectPoster effect

Other improvements
  • Drag and Drop support for opening files on Mac and Windows
  • Number of smaller bug fixes and speed optimizations

Product page Download

InstantPhotoColor 1.0 freeware release.

January 11, 2012Comments Off on InstantPhotoColor 1.0 freeware release.

Many people have asked for an easy way of coloring a black and white or grayscale photo. Sure, it can be done in most generic photo editors but it will require some effort and skill. In order to make this task simplier we’ve created another freeware tool – InstantPhotoColor.

It is probably the simplest photo tool ever Рyou do most of the work using the so-called coloring brush, which colorizes the photo beneath into the specified tint. But it still can  help you a lot in coloring the photo or changing some parts of a colored photo.

Have fun!

InstantCutOut 1.1 is ready.

December 23, 2011Comments Off on InstantCutOut 1.1 is ready.

We’ve released a new version for Instant CutOut – version 1.1.
There are lots of improvements. The most important are:
1. Cut out accuracy increased signifficantly.
2. Cut out speed is now much faster.
3. The edges of the cutted out object are much smoother.

If you are using the version 1.0 – please upgrade. It’s free.
If you’ve never seen Instant CutOut before – here is the short video for you:

InstantCutOut is designed to easily cut out an object on a digital photo from its background by semi-automatic tracing of an objects edge and creating a clipping path. The free trial is available here

How to convert a photo to sketch – video tutorials.

November 21, 2011Comments Off on How to convert a photo to sketch – video tutorials.

We are releasing a set of video lessons about creating sketches from digital photos:
Here are the first two:
1. Converting a photo to pen sketch:

2. Converting a photo to pencil sketch:

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