Instant Photo Sketch

Convert photo to sketch using InstantPhotoSketch or InstantPhotoSketch Pro

CPSSoftware produces two photo sketching tools – InstantPhotosketch(or the Light version) and InstantPhotoSketch Pro(or the Pro version). Both of them convert any digital photo into some sorts of sketch or drawings. We also have an experimantal InstantPhotoSketch online version.

The light version can only create one type of sketch, but does it well. It is the type of the sketch that can be called Pen sketch, when the object contour is outlined with dark color on white paper. You can see couple before and after examples in the gallery below.

The program is extremely simple to use – just load a photo and press “process” button. There are also two sliders to control edge darkness and details level.

The effect works well with people pictures, buildings or cityscapes and many other types of photos.

Original photo of a personOriginal photo of a person Pen sketch of a personPen sketch of a person Original architecture photoOriginal architecture photo Architecture sketchArchitecture sketch

The Pro versions has several more types of sketches:

Pen sketch

  • Same as in Light version
  • Custom color for Pen and Paper can be selected

Custom pen and paper colorCustom pen and paper color

Pencil sketch

  • Pencil-style hatching
  • Color and grayscale mode

Grayscale pencil effectGrayscale pencil effect Color pencil effectColor pencil effect


  • Image colorspace reduced to selected number of colors
  • Much more realistic result then with most generic photo-editors poster effect
  • Poster can be combined with contour to create a cartoon affect

Poster effectPoster effect Cartoon effectCartoon effect

Oil sketch

  • Realistic oil sketch effect

Poster effectPoster effect

The light version is freeware. The Pro version is affordable and has a free full-featured trial. PC Windows and Mac OS(Intel64) are suported. To proceed to downloads area click the button below.
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